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  • Amar, S., & Engelke, M. (2015). Periodontal innate immune mechanisms relevant to atherosclerosis. Molecular Oral Microbiology, 30(3), 171-185. doi:10.1111/omi.12087

  • Amar, S., & Leeman, S. (2013). Periodontal innate immune mechanisms relevant to obesity. Molecular Oral Microbiology, 28(5), 331-341. doi:10.1111/omi.12035

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  • Bushell, K. N., Leeman, S. E., Gillespie, E., Gower, A. C., Reed, K. L., Stucchi, A. F., . . . Amar, S. (2011). LITAF mediation of increased TNF-α secretion from inflamed colonic lamina propria macrophages. PLOS One, 6(9) [Article e25849]. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0025849

  • Cai, B., Panek, J. S., & Amar, S. (2016). Convergent synthesis of novel muramyl dipeptide analogues: Inhibition of porphyromonas gingivalis-induced pro-inflammatory effects by high doses of muramyl dipeptide. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 59(14), 6878-6890. doi:10.1021/acs.jmedchem.6b00681

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  • Delima, A. J., Karatzas, S., Amar, S., & Graves, D. T. (2002). Inflammation and tissue loss caused by periodontal pathogens is reduced by interleukin-1 antagonists. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 186(4), 511-516. doi:10.1086/341778

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  • Landi, L., Amar, S., Polins, A. S., & Van Dyke, T. E. (1997). Host mechanisms in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease. Current Opinion in Periodontology, 4, 3-10. This material can be found here.

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