Publications for Peter Baginsky

College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUC)
  • Baginsky, P., & Barnett, M. J. (2013). Capillary glucose testing after oral glucose load: A convenient screening test for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes in Latino adults [Supplemental material]. Diabetes, 62, A376.

  • Baginsky, P. R., Jolicoeur, M., Hurlbert, L., & Revels, J. (2011). Skin¬†autofluorescence: A tool for identification of prediabetes (preDM) and diabetes (DM). Diabetes, 60(Suppl. 1), A328-329.¬†doi:10.2337/db11-868-1281

  • Baginsky, P. (2009). Should we treat all patients with coronary heart disease or the equivalent with statins? Current Atherosclerosis Reports, 11(1), 28-35. doi:10.1007/s11883-009-0005-y