Publications for Elizabeth A. Pallitto

Lander College For Women
  • Pallitto, E. A. (2006). Sweet fire: Tullia D'Aragona's poetry of dialogue and selected prose. New York, NY: George Braziller Publications.

  • Pallitto, E. A. (2002).¬†Apocalypse and/or metamorphosis: Chronographia and topographia in Petrarch's Sestina XXII and Tullia D'Aragona's Sestina LV.¬†Comitatus, 33, 59-77.

  • Pallitto, E. A. (2002). Four poems by Tullia d’Aragona. Forum Italicum, 36(1), 178-179.

  • Pallitto, E. A. (2002). Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639): "Canzone to love according to the true philosophy". The Philosophical Forum, 33(3) 276-287.