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  • Bondarenko, V., & Skyba, D. (2016). Correlation between tau accumulation in brain and retina of individuals with late stage Alzheimer's disease [Supplemental material]. FASEB Journal, 30(1), 851.18. This material can be found here.

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  • Leonoudakis, D., Rane, A., Angeli, S., Lithgow, G. J., Andersen, J. K., & Chinta, S. J. (2017). Anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective role of natural product securinine in activated glial cells: Implications for Parkinson’s disease. Mediators of Inflammation, 2017 [Article 8302636]. This material can be found here.

  • Liu, J. J., Cadena, G., Panchal, R. R., Schrot, R. J., & Kim, K. D. (2016). Relief of cervicogenic headaches after single-level and multilevel anterior cervical diskectomy: A 5-year post hoc analysis. Global Spine Journal, 6(6), 563-570. doi:10.1055/s-0035-1570086

  • Logsdon, A. F., Lucke-Wold, B. P., Nguyen, L., Matsumoto, R. R., Turner, R. C., Rosen, C. L., & Huber, J. D. (2016). Salubrinal reduces oxidative stress, neuroinflammation and impulsive-like behavior in a rodent model of traumatic brain injury. Brain Research, 1643, 140-151. doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2016.04.063

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