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  • Wu, S., Pietras, N., Beal, B., Durre, K., & Qureshi, M. H. (2012). Osteopontin enhances MHC-II expression on RSV-infected lung antigen presenting cells in an NKT-dependent mechanism. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, 112(1), 43. This material can be found here.

  • Wu, T., He, X., Lu, H., Bradshaw, D. J., Axe, A., Loewy, Z. G., . . . Lux, R. (2015). Development of in vitro denture biofilm models for halitosis related bacteria and their application in testing the efficacy of antimicrobial agents. Open Dentistry Journal, 9, 125-131. doi:10.2174/1874210601509010125

  • Wu, T., Hu, W., Guo, L., Finnegan, M., Bradshaw, D. J., Webster, P., . . . Loewy, Z. G. (2013). Development of a new model system to study microbial colonization on dentures. Journal of Prosthodontics, 22(5), 344-350.  doi:10.1111/jopr.12002

  • Wu, T., Shi, W., Loewy, Z. G., & He, X. (2015). Managing denture biofilm related diseases. Dentistry Open Journal, 2(3), 80-86. doi:10.17140/DOJ-2-116

  • Wu, Y. (2014). Comments on open letter to Xi Jinping: China's fight against corruption in organ transplantation. Transplantation, 98(4), e30. doi:10.1097/TP.0000000000000295

  • Wu, Y. T., Tam, C., Zhu, L. S., Evans, D. J., & Fleiszig, S. M. J. (2017). Human tear fluid reduces culturability of contact lens-associated Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms but induces expression of the virulence-associated type III secretion system. Ocular Surface, 15(1), 88-96. doi:10.1016/j.jtos.2016.09.001

  • Wu, Y. T., Zhu, L. S., Tam, K. P. C., Evans, D. J., & Fleiszig, S. M. J. (2015). Pseudomonas aeruginosa survival at posterior contact lens surfaces after daily wear. Optometry & Vision Science, 92(6), 659-664. doi:10.1097/OPX.0000000000000597

  • Wyss, A., Hashibe, M., Chuang, S. C., Lee, Y. C., Zhang, Z. F., Yu, G. P., . . . Schantz, S. (2013). Cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking and the risk of head and neck cancers: Pooled analysis in the International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology Consortium. American Journal of Epidemiology, 178(5), 679-690. doi:10.1093/aje/kwt029

  • Xavier, S. (2015). Breaking the barriers: New role for insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor in vascular permeability. The American Journal of Pathology, 185(5), 1198-1200. doi:10.1016/j.ajpath.2015.02.002

  • Xavier, S., Vasko, R., Matsumoto, K., Zullo, J. A., Chen, R., Chander, P. N., & Goligorsky, M. S. (2015). Curtailing endothelial TGF-beta signaling is sufficient to reduce endothelial-mesenchymal transition and fibrosis in CKD. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 26(4), 817-829. doi:10.1681/ASN.2013101137

  • Xie, X., Zhang, X., Fu, J., Wang, H., Jonas, J. B., Peng, X. X., . . . Ritch, R. (2013). Noninvasive intracranial pressure estimation by orbital subarachnoid space measurement: The Beijing Intracranial and Intraocular (iCOP) study. Critical Care, 17, R162. This material can be found here.

  • Xu, B., Han, L., Liu, H., Wang, J., Bao, X. Y., Xi, H. X., . . . Yu, G. P. (2013). Cardiovascular disease and hip fracture among older inpatients in Beijing, China. Biomedical Research International, 2013 [Article 493696]  doi:10.1155/2013/493696

  • Xu, B., Liu, H., Su, N., Kong, G., Bao, X., Li, J., . . . Yu, G. P. (2013). Association between winter season and risk of death from cardiovascular diseases: A study in more than half a million inpatients in Beijing, China. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 13 [Article 93]. doi:10.1186/1471-2261-13-93

  • Xu, J., Wu, J., Wang, X., Zhang, Y., Li, W., Zhu, Z.,. . . Roque, R.S. (2009). The hinge region fragment of immunoglobulin G improves immunogenicity of recombinant gonadotrophin-releasing hormone conjugated to the T-helper epitope in designing peptide vaccines. Immunology, 128(1 Suppl), e506-513. This material can be found here.

  • Xu, J., Zhu, Z., Wu, J., Liu, W., Shen, X., Zhang, Y., & Roque, R.S. (2008). Immunization with a recombinant GnRH vaccine conjugated to heat shock protein 65 inhibits tumor growth in orthotopic prostate cancer mouse model. Cancer Letters, 259(2), 240-250.

  • Xu, J., Zhu, Z., Wu, J., Liu, W., Shen, X., Zhang, Y., . . . Roque, R.S. (2008). Immunization with a recombinant GnRH vaccine conjugated to heat shock protein 65 inhibits tumor growth in orthotopic prostate cancer mouse model. Cancer Letters, 259(2), 240-250. This material can be found here.

  • Xu, L., Shen, Y., Joseph, T. W., Bryant, A., Luo, J. Q., Frankel, P., . . . Foster, D. A. (2000). Mitogenic phospholipase D activity is restricted to caveolin-enriched membrane microdomains. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 273(1), 77-83. doi:10.1006/bbrc.2000.2907

  • Xue, C., Pasolli, H. A., Piscopo, I., Gros, D. J., Liu, C., Chen, Y., & Chiao, J. W. (2014). Mitochondrial structure alteration in human prostate cancer cells upon initial interaction with a chemopreventive agent phenethyl isothiocyanate. Cancer Cell International, 14(1), 30. doi:10.1186/1475-2867-14-30

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  • Yamada, J., Amar, S., & Petrungaro, P. (1992). Psoriasis-associated periodontitis: A case report. Journal of Periodontology, 63(10), 854-857. doi:10.1902/jop.1992.63.10.854

  • Yamada, T., Chen, C. C., Chiu, I., & Rizvi, S. W. (2013). Non-communicable diseases in developing countries: Causes and health policy/program assessments. Journal of Tropical Diseases, 1, 117. doi:10.4172/2329-891X.1000117

  • Yamada, T., Chen, C. C., Murata, C., Hirai, H., Ojima, T., Kondo, K., & Harris 3rd, J. R. (2015). Access disparity and health inequality of the elderly: Unmet needs and delayed healthcare. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12(2), 1745-1772. doi:10.3390/ijerph120201745

  • Yamada, T., Chen, C. C., Naddeo, J. J., & Harris 3rd, J. R. (2015). Changing healthcare policies: Implications for income education, and health disparity. Frontiers in Public Health, 3, [Article 195]. doi:10.3389/fpubh.2015.00195

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